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Language is the key.

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Matching Canadian Language Benchmarks to Essential Skills

The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks has researched and developed two different resources for indicating how the Canadian Language Benchmarks levels intersect with the Essential Skills complexity levels. The two tools are:

Essential Skills Primer: CLB Stage 1

This tool was designed to be used for CLB levels that fall below those corresponding to the ES levels in the Comparative Framework.

The Essential Skills Primer: CLB Stage 1 has two important characteristics: a focus on lower CLB levels and an emphasis on workplace-related tasks.

It consists of a diagnostic tool and a set of skills tables.

For more information, see Essential Skills Primer: CLB Stage I .


Relating Canadian Language Benchmarks to Essential Skills: A Comparative Framework

This document, often referred to as the "Comparative Framework",  contains a complete list of global descriptors and tasks for corresponding CLB and ES levels and skills.


For more information, see CLB/ES Comparative Framework.


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Date last updated: May 15, 2009